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Wizskid ready for Vincy Mas

Wizskid ready for Vincy Mas


Travis “Wizskid” Lynch is putting it out there that he is ready for Vincy Mas 2014.{{more}}

The young, up and coming Green Hill soca artiste, who broke onto the soca scene in 2008 with a track called “Crazy,” is putting his fans on notice that he is going to show more of his versatility this year.

Lynch, who entered the national soca monarch competition in 2011 with his song “Hype up,” said that was when he gained some recognition as an artiste.

“I went in soca monarch in 2012 with a song called “Hard Wuk” and it was well received and I just know that I have to keep building on that,” Lynch stated.

However, in his short time as a soca artiste, the 23-year-old said his last year release of “Whining Criminal” has been his best song yet.

“That song got a lot of response. Everybody told me I evolving into a really nice artiste, so this year I’m trying to up the standard. As we’re seeing now, we have to go to another level with the music in order to have our music heard out there,” he stated.

Lynch also believes that he is competent enough to represent a “futuristic artiste.”

“I’m here and I am willing to put the work and effort in into building carnival, music and culture in St Vincent,” he added.

For this year, Lynch said he is working with prominent music producer Alex “Kubiyashi” Barnwell and noted that he has plans for releasing about five tracks for Vincy Mas.

“I’m just trying to diversify myself this year and working on the groovy and power soca aspect of it… So, people can look out for my first track very soon,” he added.