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SVGS history students build Arawak huts

SVGS history students build Arawak huts


First formers at the St Vincent Grammar School, as part of their end of term project, exhibited their handiwork by building models of a ‘bohio’ (Arawak hut), using grass and sticks. The students were encouraged to be creative and have fun while working on the project.{{more}}

History teacher at the school Amirh Dennie said she was excited to see what the boys would come up with and noted that she was pleasantly surprised by the exceptional huts most of them presented. Each student had to explain his hut building process and what had learnt from it. “Most of them said they enjoyed building their huts and it took a lot of skill and concentration… Others said that they are happy they no longer have to live in huts and thankful that we are more civilised today,” Dennie said.

The materials which were used to build the huts included: palm leaves, grass, coconut husk, popsicle sticks, shaved pencils and bamboo. Some huts were even decked out with hammocks, Duho (ceremonial stool), a cassava bread griddle and other tools used by the Arawaks. The top huts were done by students: Gian Paul Baker, Maurecio Bullock, Phildon Charles, Avin Cruikshank, David Grant, Cimalon Hamilton, Dakota Minors, Tristin Stowe and Dandre Toney. Headmaster Curtis King also commended the students for their hard work and encouraged them to keep striving for excellence. He further told the students that the few huts which are currently on display in the school’s library were done before they were born. The huts are now on display at the school’s staff room and in the main library.