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‘Penny Bank’ donates paint supplies to Traffic Department of RSVPF

‘Penny Bank’ donates paint supplies to Traffic Department of RSVPF


St Vincent Cooperative Bank, also known as “Penny Bank,” generously donated 20 gallons of paint, along with 10 gallons of thinners and paint brushes to the Traffic Department of the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force on Tuesday, April 8th, 2014, to continue its road marking programme.{{more}}

At a ceremony held at the financial institution, manager of the bank Laverne Velox presented the gift to Commissioner of Police Michael Charles, who was accompanied by Assistant Commissioner of Police – Crimes (ACP) Frankie Joseph; head of the Traffic Department, Superintendent of Police (SOP) Kenneth John; and other members of the Traffic Department.

Velox said the St Vincent Cooperative Bank has been making donations of paint to the police over the past five years and the contributions have grown from two gallons of paint to 20 gallons. She said it is a pleasure to present the yellow and white paint, along with the other items, valued EC$3,000, because the Bank recognizes that the police have needs.

“We don’t want accidents to happen because people don’t know where the markings are. We want you to execute your duties in the most efficient way,” said Velox, adding that the St Vincent Cooperative Bank provides the best customer service in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

She said the bank’s relationship with the police in the provision of paint started five years ago when SOP John had members of the Traffic Department paint “keep clear” markings just outside the bank.

Commissioner Charles said the bank’s gesture is timely and used the opportunity to express thanks to its management.

SOP John said he is grateful for the donation, because it allows the team of police officers currently engaged in marking the road to progress seamlessly. He said the department had used up its white paint recently, so the timing of the donation is quite perfect.

SOP John used the opportunity to call on other business organizations to join the St Vincent Cooperative Bank in supporting the police.