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Hip-Hop Dance Master classes and show with MD Company from Martinique


David Milome, founder of the MD Company, a Martiniquan Hip-Hop dance company existing since 1995, was last week visiting St Vincent and the Grenadines with Kevin Marie-Jeanne,{{more}} another dancer of the company, to perform Milome’s last dance creation Hurlant Corps (Yelling body or Yell more!) at the Kingstown Methodist Church Hall on Saturday, 5th April.

David Milome is a passionate dancer and his love for the hip-hop culture has always led him to spread and share this movement in the Caribbean. He has already offered two workshops in St Vincent in the past and last November invited Wakeem Moore & Zeft Martin, two Vincentian break dancers, to attend his hip-hop festival “Caraïp-Hop” in Martinique as observers, along with other dancers from the region. Each Alliance Française of Lesser Antilles offered the airfare ticket to dancers of the respective islands to attend.

This time again, David, along with Kevin Marie-Jeanne, gave Hip-Hop dance master classes to more than 20 confirmed dancers on Thursday, 3rd and Friday, 4th April, which resulted in a short performance following the “Hurlant Corps” show.

The exchange was a success and it was a perfect opportunity to give some exposure to Hip-Hop dance and dancers in St Vincent, who, according to David, are some of the most motivated and talented of what he could see in the region.

This event was staged by the Alliance Française SVG, in collaboration with the Direction of Cultural Affairs of Martinique (DAC) and the Ministry of Tourism, Sports and Culture of St Vincent and the Grenadines.