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Gunshot victim doesn’t know why he was shot

Gunshot victim doesn’t know  why he was shot


The man who was tied up and shot three times by a masked gunman says he knows the situation could have been a lot worse.{{more}}

Glen resident Michael Ollivierre also told SEARCHLIGHT on Tuesday that he didn’t deserve to get shot, since he was neither in contention with anyone, nor was he aware of what the man who shot him was talking about.

“I am not a troublesome person, I don’t make trouble and I don’t really lime, and the people dem say they looking for thief gun. I don’t have no thief gun. I don’t know nothing about no thief gun, so I cannot say what I do to get shot.”

Recounting the sequence of events from his hospital bed in the Male Surgical ward of the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, Ollivierre, 24, said he was at home on Sunday night with his girlfriend and father when the peace of the night was suddenly disturbed.

“We were watching movie about 9 or 10 o’clock then we drop sleep,” Ollivierre recalled.

“Two-twos (suddenly) we hear outside my father voice saying ‘police outside….’ So, I go out.

“When I go out a man was shining a big flashlight in my face, and had my father at gunpoint. He stick up my father and tell him tie me up, then he tie up my daddy.”

Ollivierre said that he and his father were forced to lie face down on the floor, while the gunman searched the house.

“He go inside, search the house, say he want the gun way I thief. I say I don’t thief no gun. I working from Monday to Friday. I done work at 9 o’clock at times. I don’t go nowhere. I don’t lime.”

According to Ollivierre, it was at this point that the man proceed to take jewellery from them, which included a gold chain, a gold bracelet and rings, as well as a laptop computer.

The man proceeded to leave the house, but upon instructions from another individual who was waiting outside, returned to shoot him three times.

Ollivierre was shot in both thighs and his right leg.

“The person was not going to shoot me. Whoever shoot me was not going to shoot me, but the person outside whisper something and the person come back in and give me three shots. I was still laying on the ground when the person shoot me,” Ollivierre said.

“When I know I was going to get shoot, I tense up for the first shot. I did not feel it; when he buss the two other shots that is when I feel it….

“And when I get the three shots I get up the same time because the man run outside, I ran outside to see if I see anybody. My hands were still tied, but I get it loose and I tell my girl I got shot and then she go and call the neighbour and the neighbour drop me hospital.”

Ollivierre told SEARCHLIGHT that the doctor informed him that he was lucky, because the bullets passed right through his leg and thighs and did not hit any bone.

Though upset, the father of a two-year-old child said that he is grateful to be alive.

“I realize the situation could have been different.

“I am innocent and I am not happy; I am not happy with three shots in my foot for nothing at all, and I cannot be safe when I get out the hospital, because I know nothing of what they talking about.”

The Glen community has been plagued with shootings over the past months.

Dorcy Nicholls and Kenville Lockhart were both shot while at a shop in the community on February 7.

On February 26, Philip Quashie, also known as “Supercat,” was shot dead in his home by a lone gunman. Another individual was reportedly shot that same night, not too far from Quashie’s home.

Those shootings, as well as Ollivierre’s recent shooting are being investigated by police.