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Action in Bequia aiming to reduce impact of vector-borne diseases


With the strong message on this year’s World Health Day that everyone living in vulnerable areas should become part of the effort to reduce the threat of vector borne diseases, Action Bequia, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment and the Directorate of Grenadine Affairs, has decided to make organizing that community effort one of its lead programs for 2014/2015.{{more}}

“We have invited Mark Latham, an Entomologist and Director of the Manatee County Florida Mosquito Control District, to visit SVG to advise on the most effective actions we should take” indicated David Harper, who is leading this Action Bequia effort. He added, “Mr Latham, a specialist of world repute, will meet with top officials of the Ministry of Health Wellness and the Environment. He will spend five days investigating the types of mosquitoes and their breeding habitats. He will then present his findings.”

World Health Day was celebrated April 7, under the theme “Small Bite, Big Threat,” with reference to vector-borne diseases. This is a very important theme for the Caribbean, given that cases of Dengue have risen rapidly in the Caribbean over the last few years and, to date, several cases of Chikungunya have been reported throughout the Caribbean.

Chikungunya was considered an explosive epidemic, but exclusive to Africa, Asia and the Indian subcontinent; so news of its arrival in late 2013 on certain Caribbean islands caused worldwide publicity.

Action Bequia is a community organization focused on initiatives that will increase the numbers of visitors and improve the living standards of all residents (see

Persons can contact David Harper of Action Bequia at [email protected] , 457 3408 or 433 9500 for additional information