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SMSS Young Leaders visit Liberty Lodge Boys’ Training Centre


In keeping with this year’s RBTT young leaders theme: “Diversity: the 21st Century Imperative,” the St Martin’s Secondary School Young Leaders have decided to tackle as their sub-theme: “Socio-ecomomic status.”{{more}}

The young leaders are using a series of research tactics to look at how one’s socio-economic status affects his/her level of educational attainment. Whilst research shows that there are many other factors that determine one’s educational attainment, socio-economic status remains the dominant factor here in St Vincent and the Grenadines, the group stated.

Back at their launch, president Ozarri Gurley, in his remarks, stated that with proper planning and implementation, they are hoping to eradicate most, if not all of the social ills associated with socio-economic status that hinder students from achieving their best academically. With this prospect still in view, the young leaders visited the Liberty Lodge Boys’ Training Centre on Saturday, 29th March, 2014 to learn more about the centre, to interact with the lodgers and to make donations of school supplies.

Started on November 29th,1969 by Colonel Anderson, the Centre has as its main objective reforming abandoned boys or those from broken homes, whilst teaching them life skills for their return into society. Students are referred to the Lodge by the social services, Marion House or from a court case by the police. The young leaders also stated that the visit brought them one step closer to the realization of their proposed plan of action.