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Bet you didn’t know!

Bet you didn’t know!


Shernicia Mayers is one of St Vincent and the Grenadines’ local designers. Many persons would be aware that the talented designer made her debut in 2002 and was featured in the Face of Shabeau and She Caribbean magazines, shortly after.{{more}} Others may know that Mayers was a contestant in the Caribbean series Mission Catwalk in 2013.

However, SEARCHLIGHT bets that you didn’t know that:

1. Shernicia can weave hair and she does it for her friends and family.

2. She is twice the size that she used to be approximately four years ago.

3. The designer does not eat vegetables.

4. Shernicia wanted to be an artist when she grew up, but persons told her that artists do not make any money until they die, so she transitioned into designing and garment making.

5. She suffers from a heart condition, which developed from rheumatic fever.