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Union Island Legal Aid Clinic opens tomorow

Union Island Legal Aid Clinic opens tomorow


Young attorney Heidi Badenock is giving back to her hometown in a big way.{{more}}

Tomorrow, April 5, residents of the Southern Grenadine island of Union Island will be on hand to witness the grand opening of the Union Island Legal Aid Clinic.

Badenock, who is spearheading the project, told SEARCHLIGHT that the aim of the clinic is to ensure that justice becomes a reality, not only for some, but for all — stating that services would be rendered on a pro bono or reduced fees basis.

When asked what prompted her decision to start the clinic, Badenock said “It was part of my goals of community enrichment, legal awareness and levelling the playing fields between the haves and have-nots, so that justice is obtained not only through finances, but as an equal opportunity for all.”

On board in the early stages of this venture is Joseph Delves, barrister and solicitor, who said it is a worthwhile venture in building community awareness and as a seasoned practitioner, giving back to members of the Union Island community.

The clinic is located in Ashton, Union Island, on the ground floor of the Union Island Church of Christ Building.

The clinic will be officially opened with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

Featured speaker at the event will be local businessman Aubrey Mills, who Badenock said is no stranger to community outreach.

The Legal Aid Clinic will be open every first and third Saturday monthly, from 9:30 a.m., where a legal practitioner will be in attendance. (KW)