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SVDL to market facilities as tourist attraction site

SVDL to market facilities  as tourist attraction site


St Vincent Distillers Ltd (SVDL) is hoping to make a positive contribution to this country’s tourism product.{{more}}

Last Friday, the company revealed that they will be implementing tours of their facilities as a way of adding to the tourism of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

While speaking at the media tour, Phillipa Greaves, the export promotions manager and public relations officer, noted that all tourists that visit any Caribbean island can confidently name that country’s rum.

“So, it is my belief that for this reason, it is important that St Vincent Distillers Ltd and the Ministry of Tourism join forces for the development of the tourism industry and development of St Vincent and the Grenadines on a whole,” she said.

The products of the SVDL have won several awards worldwide, with the latest award going to Captain Bligh for being the World’s Best Rum and the World’s Best Gold Rum.

The public relations manager noted that this fact is a good marketing strategy for the country.

In brief remarks, Minister of Tourism Cecil McKie stressed the importance for St Vincent and the Grenadines to distinguish itself from other Caribbean islands.

He noted that because the Caribbean is usually sold as a package, it is necessary to be able to stand out among the other countries.

“As a Ministry, we have consciously set about an agenda that allows us to get to this stage. Most of the countries in the Caribbean basically offer the same product.

“We have set for ourselves the goal of being unique in as many ways as possible, being on cutting edge as far as possible and offering a little more than the competition. We sell ourselves as one region, but I think the reality is when persons choose the destination, they do not choose the Caribbean, but choose destination St Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean,” McKie said.

The tourism minister gave his nod of agreement to SVDL when he noted that they were another avenue to “sell the destination, to add to the tourism product as being not arguably, but undoubtedly the best in the region.

“ I think u have something available to you that you can sell very readily; the country has something that we can sell readily and as you indicated the platform, the setting is right for us to collaborate and maximize on this opportunity you have provided for yourselves and for our country,” he said.

McKie also stated that the history of the company and its location will add to what they are hoping to develop.

Furthermore, he foresees economic development in the area once the Argyle international airport is completed.

“We look forward to working with the distillery to develop tours and sell the tourism product,” McKie said.

St Vincent Distillers Ltd is located in Georgetown and sits on the site where it was originally started in 1925.

Currently, the company produces and bottles several award winning rums, which include Sunset Strong Rum, Sunset Light Rum, Captain Bligh XO and Sparrow’s Rum. (BK)