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Stephenson critical of damage assessment process and distribution

Stephenson critical of damage assessment process and distribution


South Leeward Representative Nigel “Nature’ Stephenson is charging that his opponent in the last election, farmer David Browne is being neglected by his own Unity Labour Party administration and he has pledged to stand by him, as a good Samaritan.{{more}}

Stephenson, in his contribution to the debate on the supplementary estimates in Parliament this week, noted that Browne was one of the hardest hit farmers in the country, and said estimates of his damage were put at a quarter million dollars.

The South Leeward representative was very critical of the damage assessment process and distribution of relief supplies in his constituency. He said figures on a list in his possession suggest values on lost or damaged items were entered at random in what he called “a meaningless exercise.” He complained that names of persons affected were not on the list, while other people were bragging that they received several stoves.

Stephenson welcomed the rehabilitation measures for his constituency covered in the estimates, but said the Government’s track record for implementation made him uncertain if the proposed projects will come to fruition.

He gave as examples of Government’s implementation deficit the Vermont/Franciois bridge, which he said has not been built two years after it was to be started with grant funds, and the Leeward Highway which was due for commencement during the first quarter of this year and is yet to begin.