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It is quite possible to enjoy a quality vacation without having to spend thousands of dollars. This reasonably priced getaway is referred to as “staycation.” Chief executive officer of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Tourism Authority Glen Beache reminded that it is an inexpensive way for family and friends to have a good time.{{more}} Beache, who was speaking at a media tour of St Vincent Distillers Ltd, encouraged Vincentians to get to know the tourism product that their country is offering.

“There are a lot of Vincentians who don’t know the product that is St Vincent and the Grenadines. A lot of times we’re so taken up with going to North America and Europe that we forget about what we have here to offer,” he said. “Before anybody says it, I don’t want to hear how expensive it is to go to the Tobago Cays, because if you get a group of people and all of you put some money in it, you’d be surprised how cheap it is to get to the Tobago Cays.”

The CEO added that a lot of hotels are now providing different rates for persons to bring their family and friends to stay and enjoy their facilities. Furthermore, with SVDL implementing tours of their facilities, Beache noted that children can have an educational tour that includes how rum is produced and the history of the rum factory.

“So, I encourage all Vincentians, when you say the place is boring and there’s nothing to do, St Vincent and the Grenadines isn’t only about the nightlife. It’s about the tourism sites; it’s about the businesses like Distillers. Bring your family, let them go on a tour,” he said. (BK)