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Second floor of parking lot building dismantled

Second floor of parking lot building dismantled


Although the building at the Solidarity Inc car park is not being completely demolished, major changes have been made to the once two-story complex.{{more}}

When SEARCHLIGHT visited the site on Wednesday, the structure under construction had been reduced to one floor, after construction workers on Monday were seen dismantling the top floor.

Earlier this week SEARCHLIGHT reported that a source close to the construction indicated that the building was being modified.

The source said that this was due to the request of what the source described as “high quarters,” despite the approval of the construction plans submitted to Physical Planning.

Another source on Wednesday told SEARCHLIGHT that the modification included the removal of the entire top floor, with the exception of four rows of blocks; approximately three and a half feet high.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that the top floor of the booth was designed to house security monitors, since the operators of the site had planned to install security cameras around the perimeter.

The bottom floor is expected to accommodate the parking lot attendants and cashier.

The car park is under the authority of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Solidarity in Action, a joint venture between the National Labour Congress and the Windward Islands Farmers Association.

The coalition has been in control of that locale, as well as the car park at the E.T. Joshua Airport since 2010.