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Minister welcomes $20 million alloted to housing

Minister welcomes  $20 million  alloted to housing


An excited Housing Minister Montgomery Daniel said his Ministry is moving full steam ahead with restoring and rebuilding homes of affected flood victims, as he welcomed the 20 miliion allocated to Housing in Wednesday supplementary estimates.{{more}}

Daniel told parliament that 662 houses were affected by the floods, and assessors had determined that 540 were at Levels 1 and 2 damage; needing only limited repairs, and the other 122 were at levels 3 and 4 and required rebuilding; 80 on site and 42 at alternative locations.

The Ministry, Daniel said, had secured 4.5 million dollars of supplies from the Tankwell company in Jamaica and additional supplies from local firms, Coreas, SVG Metals, Brown’s Hardware, General Hardware, and Gibson’s Supplies.

The local supplies are being distributed for the levels 1 and 2 repairs.

Daniel said, as of Wednesday, 403 persons had already benefitted from the distribution programme. The supplies, he said, are distributed in South and Central Leeward on Mondays; North Windward and North Central Windward on Tuesdays; the Kingstown, St. Georges, South Windward and South Central Windward constituencies on Wednesdays, and North Leeward on Thursdays.

Material from Tankwell, which the Prime Minister had earlier said is stored in two warehouses here, is used for the rebuilding programme.

Daniel said they are close to completing 33 houses; two in Fancy, six in Langley Park, eight in South Rivers (including one for a victim of Tropical Storm Tomas from 2010), seven in Fitz Hughes (including one left over from Tomas), and eight in Cumberland.

Daniel also noted that seven houses are being rebuilt on site; two in South Rivers, four in Spring Village and one in Owia.

An additional seven houses in West St George and two in North Windward are being built for Tomas victims.

Daniel said the Ministry has also built two houses in Clare Valley for surviving members of the Nanton family who lost five relatives in a landslide triggered by the christmas eve floods.

The Ministry also plans to soon start one more house in Fancy, one in Sandy Bay, three in Hope/Pembroke, and one in Clare Valley.

Daniel is bragging that his Unity Labour Party government has been the biggest provider of housing in St Vincent and the Grenadines, and that the current rebuilding exercise will take the overall value, after 13 years in government, to $96 million.