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Let overseas experts work with locals – Cummings

Let overseas experts work with locals  – Cummings


Representative for West Kingstown Daniel Cummings wants to see Government use the current disaster recovery programme to build capacity in front line institutions, especially BRAGSA, the Roads, Building and General Services Authority.{{more}}

Arguing in support of the Opposition concern about insufficient capacity to implement Government’s capital programme, Cummings recommended adopting the strategy used by some local institutions in the past, including the Solid Waste Management Authority and the CWSA, where overseas technical experts are employed as part of the workforce of the institution and work along with local staff, thus transfering technical expertise and ensuring institutional strengthening.

Several Opposition members of Parliament have questioned Government’s capacity to implement the stated capital projects, noting in particuar the requirement for engineers and quantity surveyors.

Provisions have been made in the supplementary estimates for securing additional project management support, including engineers and surveyors.

BRAGSA has been allocated 11 million dollars in the supplimentary estimates to support its work in the restoration of the country’s physical infrastructure.