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IHS Young Leaders to hold benefit fair

IHS Young Leaders to hold benefit fair


The Intermediate High School’s (IHS) RBC/RBTT Young Leaders will, on Saturday, April 5th, hold a charity event, which they have dubbed “Yes, we can fest.”{{more}}

The event will be held on the school’s compound at Mc Kie’s Hill and forms part of the group’s 2013/2014 RBC/RBTT Young Leaders project.

“Yes, we can fest” is a fair like activity, where talented students will perform, while a number of local disc jockeys, including DJ CJ and DJ Bones, will provide entertainment. The event begins at 2 p.m. and interested persons can gain entry by presenting three cans at the door or a donation of EC$10.

The “Yes, we can fest” compliments the Young Leaders’ breakfast program, which feeds the school’s less fortunate students.

One of the Young Leaders’ coordinating teachers Kimberly Young-Compton said that the group came up with the idea as they were looking at ways that they can positively impact on the needy children that attend the school.

“…Along the same lines as the breakfast program, we decided to have the can-fest…some of the food cans collected will be distributed in the community where our needy children live, while some will go directly to their homes to benefit them, as well as by extension their entire household,” said Young-Compton.

She added that the breakfast program and the can-fest fit with their adopted theme, ‘Socio-economic diversity – Varying family structures, collective strengths, bridging the gap to benefit all.’

“We have invited students from neighbouring schools so we can bridge gaps and benefit those who most need it,” added Young-Compton, who stressed that security will be provided at the event by the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force.

“I am already feeling the support as students have already been bringing in their cans. Young Leaders have been distributing and sticking up flyers in vans and around Kingstown…many persons have been helping to advertise the event on Facebook, as well as on BBM and Whatsapp.”

Meanwhile, the group’s president Orlicia King said that the event will showcase some very talented students from the IHS, “who are very excited to perform…so together yes, we can help those who need it.”

The IHS’s 2013/2014 RBC/RBTT Young Leaders launched their project on Monday, February 24th at the school.

This year schools are doing their projects under the theme ‘Diversity, the 21st century imperative’.