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92, including police officers, fined in loud music crackdown

92, including police officers, fined in loud music crackdown


Since police began to clamp down on motorists blasting their stereos at high volumes, 92 persons have been fined, including three of their very own.{{more}} 

In an interview with head of the Traffic department, Superintendent, Kenneth John, yesterday, he stated that while they are clamping down on all motorists, he is also doing the same for members of the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force. 

“This is for all motorists, but we are clamping down in our own back yard. The public has to see that nobody is above the law and we are not stopping until the public and police are satisfied,” John stated.

John said, one of the police officers was ticketed on Monday and paid his fine at the same time. 

He noted that even before the clamp down, a police officer was given a ticket for playing loud music and had the sound system in his car disconnected. 

Further, another police will go before the court after being served with three summonses for driving an omnibus without that class of licence, driving without an insurance policy and going through a no entry sign.

John further added that if a police officer is issued an $80 ticket, and are caught a second time for playing loud music, they will not be fined.

“They will not be getting a ticket. They will go to court.  They will be taken to the Central Police Station and we will disconnect their car system and it will be seized pending the outcome of the court matter. This goes for all motorist, but we are also dealing with our own police officers,” John disclosed. 

John said a special team of traffic officers has been assigned specifically to deal with the issue of the playing of loud music. 

He further added that the traffic regulations state that no noisy instrument shall be played or operated in any public place, or vehicle, without the written consent of the Commissioner of Police. 

According to John, minibus operators have been cooperating the most. 

“I have to be honest here. They have been cooperating with this clamp down…. A lot of people have been congratulating the department for what we have been doing,” John said. 

“I can’t just sit by and allow drivers to do these things to the public. The traffic laws and regulations must be maintained. Police or not, they have to comply. Anybody who wants to violate the act, they will pay. 

John, however mentioned that the clamp down is not a new undertaking by the trafficking department, stating they have done so in the past, but not with this new “hard action” approach. (KW)