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26 complete Garment Construction course

26 complete Garment Construction course


Twenty-three ladies and two gentlemen proudly held up their newly obtained certificates, which confirmed that they had successfully completed the six-week programme in Garment Construction.{{more}}

The occasion was the Graduation Ceremony of the West St George (WSG) Executive Council and with it the empowerment of the 25 participants.

Having been taken through the stages of the introduction to and use of the sewing machine and guided to cutting and stitching garments, the participants delved into the production of a variety of items. From simple tops, skirts and pants to more complex hats, clutches and bags, sophisticated dresses, bathing suits, blankets, sheets, and pillow and cushion covers, the participants beamed with delight on their various accomplishments, all on display at the graduation.

The training programme, the brainchild of Parliamentary representative of West St George Cecil Mckie, embraced a collaborative approach.

It was co-ordinated through the Adult and Continuing Education Unit (ACE), managed by the WSG Executive Council and executed by facilitator Pamela Findlay-Richards.

In addition to the hands-on training experience in Garment Construction, the participants were also engaged in sessions conducted by personnel of the Social and Development Skills Department of ACE. Focus in these sessions was on “becoming your own entrepreneur.” The participants can now virtually start their own businesses.

Being empowered will now allow them to make and repair their own garments and those of family, neighbours and friends either gratis or for financial return. They have the option of becoming members of the West St George Co-operative with the immediate vision of producing uniforms for the five Primary Schools and one Secondary School in the constituency.

The programme was supported by several individuals and business entities within and outside the constituency.