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Teen Phenomenal Woman Conference Friday, April 11

Teen Phenomenal Woman Conference Friday, April 11


On Friday, April 11th, teen girls 13-17 years old will be able to participate in a teen version of the Karen Hinds’ Phenomenal Woman Conference at the Kingstown Methodist Hall from 1-4 p.m.{{more}}

“After our women’s conference in 2013, we realized that we had many teenagers in the audience and decided it would be best to have a separate program just for young women, as their needs and concerns are quite different from adult women,” said Karen Hinds, host of the conference.

 A dynamic line-up of local and international speakers will work with the teens throughout the afternoon. Topics include Loving Me, led by Father Kari Marcelle; Charting your Career Path with panelists lawyer Mandella Campbell, fashion diva Jean Johnney-Findlay, business owners of Brio Che Taireen and Bernadette Warren, former hotelier and regional commercial manager at the St Vincent Brewery Shafia London, and electrician Hetlyn Francis; Dreaming Without Limits, led by Karen Hinds; How to Take Care of Your Body: What Every Young Woman Should Know, led by Dr Camille Nicholls; and Common Sense Relationship Advice: Five Common Relationship Mistakes, led by Rosanne Small-Morgan.  International speakers Lorna Owens and Julia Bernard Thompson will also join this powerful line-up on Friday to address the girls in a rap session.  Kaela Barrett will join Karen Hinds as host and MC for this program. Adult women are not allowed to attend this session.  It is for teenagers only!

Many Vincentians abroad and local businesses are sponsoring teens to attend, and there are still a number of teens who are looking forward to attending. Tickets are now $55, if you missed the early bird deadline and are available at Acute Cosmetics, Jujube Bookstore, Professional Secretarial Services and Gaymes Book Centre.

 “We want to thank the local business community for their partnership and for recognizing the value to their businesses of developing the next generation of Vincentians,” said founder Karen Hinds. Inaugural partners LIME, Searchlight, Grenadine House, OAS-Organization of American States, Vitamalt, Healthy Lifestyles, Veejays, Acute Cosmetics and Mountain Top Springs Limited will again use the conference as a vehicle to build relationships with their ideal target market. New partners whom we welcome to our family of partner companies and who are committed to meeting the needs of all women of St Vincent and the Grenadines are National Insurance Services, Tourism Authority, ECGC, Going Places Travel, Sagicor, and Exquisite Events.

A portion of proceeds will benefit Bishop’s College Kingstown.