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SVG Distillery plant added to list of visitors’ destinations


Captain Bligh, a product of SVG Distillers Limited, has won the World’s Best Rum Award.This award was won in London in February of this year.{{more}}

Tourism Minister Cecil McKie led a delegation to SVG Distillers last Friday for a congratulatory ceremony and tour, to mark the recent award of World’s Best Rum to the Distillery’s Captain Bligh.

McKie was accompanied by CEO of the Tourism Authority Glen Beache, officials from the Ministry of Tourism and members of the media.

McKie extended congratulations to SVG Distillers on the recent award. He said St Vincent and the Grenadines is known for many things and because of this achievement by SVG Distillers, rum has been added to the list.

The Tourism Minister pointed out that most Caribbean countries basically have the same things to offer, but given the country’s thirty-two islands and cays, St Vincent and the Grenadines is arguably the most diverse destination in the region.

McKie noted that he wants visitors not only to come here for a vacation, but for a destination, noting that SVG Distillery’s plant has been added to the list of destinations. He said the Ministry of Tourism will collaborate with SVG Distillers to maximize this opportunity. He added that the Ministry will continue to work with the distillery to further develop its products and the tour it offers. McKie said the international airport will offer a greater opportunity for visitors to the island and this will create economic development in the country and on that side of the island where the distillery is located.

Meanwhile, promotions manager/public relations officer, SVG Distillers Phillippa Greaves said the company’s success can be accounted for by the location of the distillery, the company’s consistency in rum fermentation and distillation and its excellent staff. “These contribute to the production of authentic Caribbean rum”, she said.

Greaves said SVG Distillers Ltd produces four rum brands and a rum punch and the brands are continually winning Gold Award Medals in rum taste competitions regionally and internationally. She added that the most recent was the World’s Best Rum.

“The history of the distillery dates back to the late 1800 and early 1900’s at this very site,” she said. Greaves noted that buildings have changed since then, with the distillery passing through many hands of ownership. She said the current structure was built in 1925 to make use of the readily available molasses from the sugar factory, which was conveniently located next door. According to Greaves the distillery then was called Mt. Bentinck Distillery.

SVG Distillers Limited is the sole rum distillery in St Vincent and the Grenadines, located in the Mt. Bentinck, Georgetown area.