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LIAT urged to get act together before Vincy Mas 2014

LIAT urged to get act together before Vincy Mas 2014


Chair of the Carnival Development Corporation Dennis Ambrose has made a plea to regional airline LIAT to sort itself out before Vincy Mas comes around.{{more}}

Ambrose was at the time speaking at the CDC’s launch of its poster, view cards and Carnival calendar, when he made the plea for the airline, also a sponsor for this country’s premier cultural event, to ensure that persons travelling to and from St Vincent for Carnival do so as seamlessly as possible.

“An ongoing sore point is the continued problem of limited travel access,” Ambrose stated.

“While we are still some time away from the new airport facility, we will try to remain hopeful that between now and Carnival that our platinum sponsor regional carrier LIAT will help us in this regard by adding more flights into St Vincent to ease the usual frustration faced by persons travelling into St Vincent.

“This is a critical time for us and the travelling patrons deserve every opportunity to get to their destination here and not be forestalled in another location.”

Over the years, passengers have been left stranded travelling to and from St Vincent around Carnival time, usually due to a number of issues associated with LIAT.

Ambrose made the appeal for the issues to be addressed ahead of time to prevent uncertainty for travellers, “so that the period of Vincy Mas will not be entangled in industrial action of any sort.”

St Vincent and the Grenadines is a shareholder in the airline.