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CDC launches calendar, poster, view cards

CDC launches calendar, poster, view cards


The public yesterday got their first view of the 2014 Carnival calendar, poster and view cards, issued by the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC).{{more}}

At a media launch at the CDC conference room that was carried live on radio and television, CDC chair Dennis Ambrose unveiled the poster and view cards, which he described as two of the top marketing tools in the organization’s arsenal.

“They are extremely attractive instruments of advertising which continue to work positively for us in bringing home nationals, and enticing visitors to a magnificent season of events,” Ambrose insisted.

Ambrose credited the design of the poster and view card to local graphic artist Sean Young, who is also a member of the CDC.

Local photographer Oris Robinson was also credited for the photos that appear on the poster and view card.

The five view cards depict various components of Vincy Mas: pan, mas, calypso/soca, and beauty shows, with the poster showing more aspects of Vincy Mas, as well as the Queen of the Bands costume Black Gold, worn by Semone Richardson of Guinness, Y de Lima, Hitz Fm Blondie Bird and Friends and their portrayal of Jewels of the Caribbean.

One view card is a smaller version of the poster.

“This poster is quite outstanding and reflects the depth of resources within the CDC and particularly from the younger members. We are indeed grateful,” Ambrose added.

On the back of the view cards, the programme of activities is printed.

The chair also pointed out that social media would be put to great use in the organization’s effort to promote “The Hottest Carnival in the Caribbean,” as well as their website www.carnival

He pointed out that CDC events, including rural carnivals and private partnered events would be featured heavily on the site.

“Our website continues to be very active and will be updated regularly regarding carnival related events, historical backgrounds and providing the opportunity for mas bands to display their designs to the general public.”

Vincy Mas 2014 is expected to be launched at the Solidarity Inc car park on May 3, and CDC officials are promising that despite constraints, this would be one of the biggest launches in recent times.

The next event on the calendar is Miss SVG, slated for May 31; Soca Swing on June 1; fantastic Friday June 27; Junior Carnival June 28; H2O Soca on the same date; Junior Pan Fest July 1; Steel and Glitter (Panorama) July 3; Miss Carival July 4; Soca Monarch (Ragga and Power) July 5; Dimanche Gras July 6; Jouvert July 7; Evening Street Party the same date; and Mardi Gras July 8. (JJ)