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Vincentians benefit from health ministries of SDA Church

Vincentians benefit from health ministries of SDA Church


Over 200 Vincentians benefitted from the services rendered by 26 medical professionals who came to St Vincent and the Grenadines on Friday, March 21, 2014. They were invited to St Vincent and welcomed by the SVG Mission of Seventh Day Adventist Administration and Health Ministries Department.{{more}}

Pastor Terence Haynes, the health director of the SVG Mission, reported that in Georgetown where 20 of the health professionals served, the following dental services were offered: extractions, cleaning, filling and referrals. Also persons held consultations with visiting doctor Gidel Thom and where necessary received free medication dispensed by local pharmacist Beverley Mason, who travelled with the team.

At the SVG Mission Dental Clinic at Old Montrose, officers workers, teachers, students and Vincentians of various disciplines were attended to free of cost. Extractions, cleaning, dietary advice and fillings were among the services offered.

This event was the first major health event of the SVG Mission Health Department. The group of 26 health professionals include dental students, doctors, and a hygienist. Drs Alan Woodson, Larry Holloway, Kim Matthews and dental hygienist Michelle Hurlbutt lead the dental team from the Dental School of Loma Linda in California and Dr Janice Emmanuel Bunn leads the team of the six health professionals of the New York-based Action Performance Commitment (APC) Mission Team.

The group conducted clinics in Georgetown, Mesopotamia, Sandy Bay, Calliaqua, Kingstown, Buccament, Chateaubelair and Bequia. They also conducted a medical symposium at the Calder SDA Church, a Health Expo at the SVG Community College and a dental symposium at the Barrouallie SDA Church.

Today, Adventist humanitarian work reaches into more than 120 countries and serves tens of millions of people every year. This priority springs from a deeply held belief in service. Today the SDA Church has 172 hospitals and sanitariums and 238 clinics and dispensaries, including the Davis Memorial in Guyana and the Community Hospital in Trinidad and Tobago.