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Natural coconut products to be launched

Natural coconut products to be launched


sA new business offering an array of natural, handmade, and quality coconut products is to be launched here next Monday, March 31.{{more}}

Brio Che is a manufacturing small business, founded by young entrepreneurs Taireen and Bernadette Warren of Belair. It is an environmentally friendly business that has found ways to utilize several parts of the coconut plant – from the leaves to the water inside the coconut, to extracting the milk from the gourd to make coconut oils and soaps, as well as natural scented candles.

Brio Che’s goal is to provide its suppliers and customers with a dynamic range of useful, quality and excellent, eco-friendly coconut products from this amazing plant. Apart from coconut oil for cooking, frying and baking, Brio Che also supplies coconut oil in a more convenient bottle with dispensing cap for easier application for skin and hair care use. They also make their own gift baskets from the coconut leaves.

Monday’s official launch takes place at the Kingstown Cooperative Credit Union (KCCU) conference room, Kingstown, at 4:30 p.m. It will feature remarks by the Warrens, Camille Crichton of Professional Secretarial Services Ltd, and reviews from two clients. Business consultant and assistant executive director of the SVG Hotel & Tourism Association Francelia Marksman-Sterling will deliver the keynote address.

The Centre for Enterprise Development Inc has said it wishes Brio Che all the best in its endeavours.