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Light and Life Ministries donates to SVG Relief Committee in Toronto

Light and Life Ministries donates to SVG Relief Committee in Toronto


Last Sunday, March 23, Consul General in Toronto Fitzgerald Huggins accepted a sum of money totaling CND$3,800 from Pastor John Cecil Taylor of Light and Life Ministries on behalf of the SVG Relief Committee Toronto.{{more}}

In January, the parishioners of Light and Life Ministries hosted a fundraiser in response to the Christmas Floods in an effort to raise funds to assist with the Rebuilding efforts in St Vincent and the Grenadines. Consul General Huggins was present at the event and brought the congregation up to the date with the devastation. Several hundred patrons turned out on that cold winter night to worship and praise together under the guidance of the Humanitarian and Gospel singer extraordinaire Minister Kay Morris. Minister Morris is Jamaican born and has received several prestigious awards for her Gospel singing talents and humanitarian work.

Pastor John Cecil Taylor heads the church and his ministry is a one of reconciliation that extends its reach to internet broadcasting. He pastors to over 600 members in Toronto, Canada. His dynamic preaching may not be considered mainstream by most, but his mission to challenge and expose his followers to another view is commendable.

“My mission is not to represent the gospel, but to Re-Present the gospel in order to effectively reach our generation with what has been hidden and misunderstood”, said Pastor Taylor. “I am extremely delighted to make this presentation to the Rebuilding effort for St Vincent and the Grenadines and hope that it reaches and impacts the persons who suffered and were displaced by the floods at Christmas, continued Pastor Taylor.

Consul General Huggins, on receiving the donation, said “This contribution is significant enough that it can buy enough blocks for one house or at least buy a new roof or foundation for one of the houses that will be replaced. The SVG Relief Committee is extremely grateful to the Light and Life Ministries and we promise that full accountability will be given for the spending of it.”

The SVG Relief Committee was instrumental, with the assistance of KLC Shippers, in sending relief supplies to the National Emergency Mobilization organization in St. Vincent and the Grenadines (NEMO) and the Red Cross. The Committee has set an objective to raise money to assist in the Rebuilding of several homes for persons who were displaced by the floods.

In keeping with Canadian law, the SVG Relief Committee has adopted SVG REMA, which has a Charitable Status, as the management group to collect money and manage the project on behalf of the group.

The Adhoc SVG Relief Committee has identified several projects to achieve the objective previously outlined. They are:

Donations made to SVG REMA bank account #108025212908

  • Raffle of plot of land in SVG
  • Buy a Brick program
  • Vincy Trade and Cultural show on July 26th at Albert Campbell Square in Scarborough
  • Christmas barrel program, an optional program where Vincentians sending a barrel can donate $10 extra for each barrel which will be matched by KLC Shippers with an extra $5.