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Gunman causes scare at GHS


Some students of the Girls’ High School were left traumatized when a gunman ran through the premises during break time on Wednesday, sending the school into frenzy.{{more}}

SEARCHLIGHT understands that some time between 10:30 and 10:45 a.m, a man holding a firearm entered the school compound from the vicinity of the Murray Heights Hotel, while the students and faculty were in recess.

The presence of the unwelcomed visitor caused panic among the students, who started screaming and running for safety.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that the man left the school yard without incident, but not before scaring the students.

This is not the first occasion in recent times that the school has had an unwanted guest.

In September last year, a fifth form student was accosted by a man dressed only with a piece of clothing over his head. The rest of his body was bare.

The frightened student ran from the classroom and got the attention of a security guard who had been alerted by the student’s screams.

Similar occurrences had taken place years before.

SEARCHLIGHT was informed that police are investigating the incident.