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GECCU launches ‘GECCU Link-24 Services’

GECCU launches ‘GECCU Link-24 Services’


With advancements in technology consistently occurring, the General Employees’ Co-Operative Credit Union (GECCU) has found a way to keep up with the times.{{more}}

On March 19, the credit union officially launched the “GECCU Link-24 Services,” which allows members to do transactions from the comfort of their homes or wherever they are.

The new service includes an online portal and mobile application.

While speaking at the launch, chief executive officer Lennox Bowman noted that the suite of services was designed to add value to their members.

“We believe…that our future at GECCU depends largely – not entirely, but largely on our young members and if you agree with us, you would see that we are heading in the right direction in the choice of the products and in the method of delivering the products,” he said.

“Members’ definition of convenience means self- help, self-service. It doesn’t mean that we leave members to fend for themselves.”

Bowman stressed that what the credit union is trying to achieve is the balance between technology and the personal relationship with customers.

The CEO also took the opportunity to thank the staff members of the Information Technology Administration, who worked extremely hard to create the new product.

In his remarks, Clarence Harry, the president, expressed his joy in being a part of the launch of the new product, particularly because it is happening in the year of GECCU’s 50th anniversary.

In Harry’s opinion, the two new services “will revolutionalize the way we do business.

“We have to be cognizant of the changing times, the era in which we are operating and the demands that pose challenges to GECCU and, by extension, the co-operative movement,” Harry said.

“These services will allow our members to access and manage their financial data from the comfort and convenience of their own home, office or even while on the go.”

He added that these services will provide an electronic gateway, not only for local members, but those in the diaspora as well.

While Junior Bacchus, the president of the Co-operative League congratulated GECCU on their latest success, he also cautioned them about the importance of ensuring that their members’ information is safe and secure.

“I know our young minds are very engaged, very in tuned with getting new things happening, but remember in doing so, there are others out there trying to find pathways through your technology,” he said.

Bacchus stressed that security should always be in the forefront.

“Privacy is critical. Comfort is always the way to go, but security must always be in the forefront of your minds,” he added.

While giving a demonstration of how the new online service works, assistant data administrator Anton Jardine stressed that the service is extremely safe and secure.

The new online service includes allowing customers to update personal information, perform balance inquiries on all accounts, transfer funds from accounts, transfer funds to other members’ accounts, obtain statements for any account, pre-apply for a loan, execute a loan projection, request a letter, request a cheque and enquire on the status of a request.

Executing bill payments is a feature that is expected to be implemented soon.

To sign up for the service, persons can fill out an application form online, by going to and clicking on “Link-24” in the top right-hand corner. (BK)