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Paul’s Avenue man died as a result of blood loss – Post Mortem

Paul’s Avenue man died as a result of blood loss – Post Mortem


A post mortem has determined that Paul’s Avenue resident Kwasie Ryan died as a result of blood loss, after being shot multiple times by a masked gunman earlier this week.{{more}}

Ryan was shot about his body at about 6:45 A.M on Monday, as he exited his yard.

According to Ryan’s mother Brenda, she was standing at a concrete sink in the yard, when she heard gunshots in the road.

Moments later she saw her 24 year old son run back to the yard with a man chasing and firing shots at him.

The mother said that as she stooped behind the sink,  her son came and stooped beside her.

She said that the gunman continued to fire on her son before fleeing the scene.

One bullet also strayed into the yard of a neighbour, killing a pitbull dog that was in its house.

Weeks before his killing, Ryan was seen on closed circuit television, running for his life as he was chased by a gunman.

Eyewitnesses say that the dead man was involved in a shootout with his assailant.

The father of an 18 month-old son and an unborn child was at the time on bail, after being charged with another man, for the January 30 robbery of St Hill Insurance Company. The men allegedly made off with a sum of money and a handgun.