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KFC (St Vincent) Ltd partners with WINFRESH

KFC (St Vincent) Ltd partners with WINFRESH


KFC (St Vincent) Ltd has announced a partnership with VincyFresh Ltd (Winfresh) – St Vincent and the Grenadines’ major agro-processing company, to produce a variety of local dipping sauces exclusively for the franchise.{{more}}

The management of KFC said it thought that it would be a great idea to add a bit of Vincy flavour to their menu and through this idea the partnership with WINFRESH was formed. The sauces that will be made exclusively for KFC are Tamarind and Golden Apple sauces and will be available as options for KFC’s customers, in addition to the Sweet & Sour, BBQ, and Ranch sauces that are currently available.

VincyFresh Ltd (Winfresh) staged a successful taste-testing session of their pepper jelly and chilli sauce lines last Wednesday, 11th March, at all three KFC locations. The versatility of the five sauces/jellies tested, namely, Pepper Jelly, Pepper Jelly with Ginger, Pepper Jelly with Mango, Honey Garlic Chilli and Sweet Chilli, allowed patrons of KFC to sample them along with their fries, chicken, nuggets, strips and wings.

In addition to the sampling, a survey of 150 persons was conducted. The analysis of the responses showed that the vast majority thought that the sauces earned an “excellent” average, would go very well with KFC meals and be a welcomed addition to the other sauces that KFC offers.

KFC said the public’s comments were very positive and sometimes even colourful: ‘It’s just perfect;’ ‘Enjoyed ALL of it;’ ‘It’s just good;’ ‘Sauce sell off;’ ‘Excellent sauce;’ ‘Too hot with the hot wings but great on the fries;’ ‘I love it;’ ‘Very good…keep it up;’ ‘This tasted outstanding; ‘Satisfied customer,’ ‘Great tasting and KFC needs to serve them to customers;’ ‘So good;’ ‘It is very tasty;’ ‘Sweet with a slight bit of spice tasted good;’ ‘It is really good taste guys;’ ‘Loving the localness/flavour it adds to the chicken;’ ‘Great product;’ ‘A little too mild.’

Inga Abbott, sales and marketing manager of VincyFresh Ltd (Winfresh), thought that this interactive exercise was a ‘great one’ and expressed her gratitude to the manager of KFC (St, Vincent) Ltd Shanda Boyea, for the opportunity to collaborate in such a manner.

A sampling of the new sauces will be made available to KFC patrons before the official launch.