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Fuel back at the pumps in North Leeward

Fuel back at the pumps in North Leeward


Fri Mar 21, 2014

by: Taranjah Yaw

Motorists and engine boat operators in the North Leeward area once again have something to smile about as the pumps at the area’s lone gas station are running again after being dry for just over two months.{{more}}

The pumps had been dry since January 17 and the last delivery was on Christmas eve. In the interim, consumers were forced to buy gas at either Buccament or Questelles or from resellers who bought from the gas stations and resold at a considerable markup. Many drivers were frustrated and reported that the absence of fuel in the area was taking a toll on their business.

Pump attendant Janelle Pierre told SEARCHLIGHT that she is happy to serve her customers once again and to provide the excellent service that they are accustomed to.

Chester Castillo driver of the Road Tank Wagon (RTW) said that he was ecstatic to be doing the long runs again and it is always his pleasure to serve the people of the communities where his work takes him. Castillo said he enjoys his job and fondly recalls an incident in which he helped saved lives about ten years ago.

He recalled that he was making a run from his company’s base to the brewery in Campden Park and when he got to the roundabout at Arnos Vale he saw an ambulance in front of him travelling to Kingstown. Castillo said that when he got to Cassan Hill he saw the ambulance in flames in a three vehicle pileup. The driver, nurse and pregnant patient strapped to the gurney were trapped inside.

“Everybody ran but when I look back and saw the look in the pregnant woman’s face, like she give up, I couldn’t leave her, I grab my extinguisher and ran to the ambulance and put out the fire and we were able to free them”, Castillo related.

Castillo said that he had never met the baby and would very much like to do so one day. In the mean time he his happy delivering fuel throughout St Vincent and the Grenadines.