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Fountain at Charles Bay opens

Fountain at Charles Bay opens


Residents of Canouan have enhanced access to high quality drinking water with the official opening on 13 March 2014 of the Charles Bay water fountain, a project of the Canouan Construction Association (CCA).{{more}}

Members of the Canouan Community and Canouan Resort Development (CRDH) staff gathered for the ceremony, at which the fountain was blessed by Minister Frank Garraway of the Anglican Church. This was followed by brief opening remarks by Nic Welch, CCA’s director of services and closing comments by general manager Elena Korach. Both emphasized the importance of having high quality drinking water that is readily available to all members of the community.

This is the second fountain to be opened to the public on Canouan. The first was opened in 2012 and since then over 377,000 gallons of water have been freely distributed to the residents of the island.

Welch stated that the water fountains are part of CCA’s overall island welfare policy and he hopes that CCA will be involved in many other island related projects to make a better and more beautiful island to live and work on.