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Teachers, students honour Chatoyer with afternoon of cultural enlightenment

Teachers, students honour Chatoyer with afternoon of cultural enlightenment


In honour of this country’s only national hero, teachers of the Student Support Services hosted an afternoon of cultural enlightenment for their pupils.{{more}}

On Thursday, one of the classrooms became a stage for cultural displays and presentations through music and dance, as the institution paid tribute to Joseph Chatoyer.

When Social Studies teacher Krystal Robertson spoke with SEARCHLIGHT, she indicated that the idea for the afternoon came about through the suggestion of Dezray Goodluck, the literacy teacher.

In her energetic welcome to the students, Robertson reminded them that Chatoyer was …“brave. He was smart, he was skilful and he is the only person in the whole Caribbean who was actually able to negotiate or to speak with people from Europe and sign a treaty or an agreement.”

While speaking at the event, Goodluck urged students to attend the memorial of Chatoyer, which was held at Dorsetshire Hill on National Heroes Day.

“I want you to remember our only national hero, Joseph Chatoyer,” she said. “He died fighting for his country”.

While some students set the mood with rhythms on the drum, others, who were dressed in various interpretations of Carib wear, took part in demonstrating how the earliest inhabitants would have danced.

One brave student led the group in a presentation, where he ad-libbed what Joseph Chatoyer’s speech would have been like, before he journeyed into battle with his army.

Artwork from the students hung on the walls of the classroom as part of the exhibition, along with cassava bread and other items that were associated with the Caribs.

The Student Support Services was established in 2009 through the Ministry of Education, and caters to students who are not performing as well as they should be in mainstream secondary schools, whether it is because of academic or behavioural challenges.

It is located in Frenches, immediately before Frenches House.