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SVG Retired Nurses Association donates to persons impacted by flood

SVG Retired Nurses Association donates to persons impacted by flood


With our motto of “Caring and Sharing: Making a Difference,” some members of the organization travelled to the Leeward districts of Rose Bank and Spring Village, and to the North Central district of South Rivers in January, to make a professional assessment of the impact on the residents impacted by the flood.{{more}}

Many of the members attending were visibly moved by the stories shared by those living in the shelters and also those in the community who escaped the terror of the waters. They then reached out to our friends, the SVG Nurses Association of New York and other colleagues in the United States, who without hesitation, supported the fund-raising efforts.

A Peace Corps worker, Ann Crytser, who once worked here in SVG, also donated generously.

In February, 2014 the president, Clari Gilbert, vice president Advira Providence, PRO Anita Williams, Catherine Nash, Rosetta Lawrence and Theresa Smith revisited the areas and distributed clothing, foodstuff, toiletries and other household supplies to the residents in the emergency shelters and other individuals in the affected areas. Residents expressed their gratitude to the group.

The SVG Retired Nurses Association Inc was started approximately two years ago, for the purpose of assisting and supporting retired nurses and communities with health care needs.

The association would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who contributed in one way or another.