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Mother tells of terrifying ordeal at Paul’s Lot

Mother tells of terrifying ordeal at Paul’s Lot


Brenda Ryan was one of the persons present when her son Kwasie took his first breath at birth, and she was the only person present when the 24-year-old took his last.{{more}}

The mother of five said on Monday afternoon that she as he lay dying, she felt his heart pump four more beats before it stopped, and she gave the time of death as 6:45 a.m.

Recounting the moments before he died, Ryan said her son had just left their Paul’s Avenue yard when she heard a barrage of gunshots.

Ryan said that she was standing at a sink in the yard, when she saw her son run back to the yard, with a man wearing a hooded sweater close behind him, shooting at him.

She said that her son ran in her direction and tried to take cover in the area where she was standing.

“I stooped down very low,” Ryan said, as she explained how she tried to avoid getting shot.

“I tried to go up under the sink. I saw this man come in and the two ah we (her and Kwasie) was down on the ground… and the man was right there close up on two of we. When he (Kwasie) got the bullet there (pointing to her chest to indicate where Kwasie was shot), and the blood start to run, he go down lower and his head fell; his heart gave four beats and he died.”

Ryan said that it was difficult to explain her feelings about being present when her son was shot and killed.

She acknowledged that the 24- year-old had been on bail, pending a court hearing on robbery charges, and that he was chased and shot at by a gunman last month, but indicated that she had no idea why anyone would shoot him.

Kwasie’s father, Maxim Quinton, who visited the home following the shooting, said that he had a good relationship with his son and that the two would communicate on a regular basis.

“He is my son, so I feel a loss. I normally talk to him. If the mother has a problem, she would call me,” said Quinton, who indicated that his son would have turned 25 in July.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that Kwasie was not the only victim of his assailant.

According to police, one of the gunman’s bullets went into an adjoining yard and hit a neighbour’s dog.

Up to press time, SEARCHLIGHT could not ascertain if the animal had died.

Ryan leaves behind a six-month pregnant girlfriend and an 18-month-old son.