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Brewery launches ‘Vitabucks’ promotion

Brewery launches ‘Vitabucks’ promotion


Shafia London-Williams, Commerical manager of the St Vincent Brewery Ltd, is urging consumers to ask for bottle crowns when they purchase a Vitamalt, for a chance to win great prizes in their latest promotion called Vitabucks.{{more}}

At the official launch of the promotion yesterday, at the Brewery, London-Williams explained that once someone purchases a Vitamalt and collects the crown, that crown is automatically worth $5 Vitabucks and can then be cashed in for the equivalent prizes.

“You can accumulate the Vitabucks and when you have sufficient, you can purchases the prizes we have available. It’s cash equivalent,” London-Williams said, stating that while there are limited stocks in store, there will be enough for consumers to enjoy the prizes.

Partnering with Digicel and Singer, the Brewery will be giving away prizes including: grocery vouchers, flat screen television sets, Samsung Tablets, Ipads, Android smartphones and Vitamalt.

For 800 Vitbabucks, consumers can win a 42 inch flat screen television, for 500, a smartphone or a 32 inch flat screen television. For 400 Vitabucks, persons can win Ipads; for 200, grocery vouchers and for 150 Vitabucks, one case of Vitamalt.

“Every time you buy a Vitamalt, demand your crown. Each crown is valued at $5 Vitabucks. Don’t make anybody hold on to the crown for you, and you keep stocking up on the crowns. As soon as you have 800 Vitabucks, you can get a 42 inch flat screen TV.”

London-Williams added that the crowns are not specifically marked and that the Brewery has the right to refuse crowns they feel are damaged or visibly aged.

“We want you to buy new VitaMalt. You can’t lose. It is much cheaper this way to get a flat screen TV or a smartphone,” she added.

Also sharing brief remarks, marketing assistant Caricia Taylor stated that the last exciting Vitamalt promotion was held in 2012 with their back-to-school competition, where each week, 16 persons won vouchers to purchase school items by placing four Vitamalt crowns in an envelope and dropping them into specially marked boxes.

Vitabucks can only be collected at the Brewery. The promotion ends on April 18.