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Large coconut tree harvest, rehabilitation project begins

Large coconut tree harvest, rehabilitation project begins


SenSal Inc, a 100 per cent Vincentian company, represented by Harry FitzHerbert and Garry Blackman, this week launched a long-term Coconut Harvest and Rehabilitation project at Mt Wynne, {{more}} with Jack Knights and his staff as the tree felling and harvest contractors, and Brian Horne as the saw-milling contractor.

The contract, with National Properties Limited, provides for the harvesting of all old and unutilised coconut and gru-gru trees at the Mt Wynne estate, so that this prime piece of real estate can be prepared for suitable future development in the hospitality and housing sectors. It is also the start of a much larger and longer term project to re-establish a viable and vibrant coconut water and oil industry.

Tuesday’s official launch of the coconut tree harvest project saw an entirely new timber industry emerge, thus creating much needed jobs for Vincentians, while also providing a cost effective alternative to imported lumber and timber and additional benefits from saving on foreign exchange spending.

AP Manufacturing Co Inc, which was contracted as the sole export agent and to create products for sale in both local and overseas markets, have already identified many clients in Australia, Europe and North America, all looking for lumber, timber and tree residue in the form of compressed bio fuel pellets.

The replanting program planned for the Windward side of the island will see some 50 000 old trees harvested per year and 150 000 new high yield varieties planted. This program of many years duration will ensure that a long term sustainable coconut water and oil industry will be a permanent feature of the Vincentian agricultural landscape.

Shade offered by the replanting program will also allow the growing of additional high value fruit and root crops, such as avocado, citrus, mango, passion fruit and ginger, all of which are readily able to be grown in the lush SVG landscapes, provided they have shade and wind protection.

The company said this is an exciting project that can add significant revenue and much needed jobs to the entire economy, while also utilising old assets in a highly productive and environmentally sensible manner.