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Heartfelt thank you for donations – Sandy Bay Secondary School


The staff and students of the Sandy Bay Secondary School have expressed thanks for what they refer to as “the invaluable contribution and support given to us by the private sector, namely, Coreas Hazells Inc.{{more}} and The Mustique Charitable Trust, in our thrust to enhance the teaching-learning conditions at the institution”.

The school said late last year, improvement in the classroom conditions were recognized as an urgent need. Students and teachers alike, complained that learning wasn’t conducive, especially on afternoons, due to the intense heat generated from the board structures we are housed in, it said.

Letters were sent to various business houses seeking assistance with the purchasing of fans. Coreas Hazells Inc, the only business that responded, came to our immediate rescue, the school said. On Friday, 21st February, twenty (20) wall fans were generously donated to the school.

“We wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to them for this very humane gesture.

“Additionally, we realized that some of our less fortunate students were missing school too frequently due to the lack of finance. We decided to implement a school’s feeding program to assist these students. We sought assistance from the Mustique Charitable Trust and they responded speedily and open-handedly. Today, our kitchenette is equipped with brand new appliances; freezer and stove, and we get a monetary contribution to maintain the program.

“We are sincerely grateful for the interest shown in our institution and we pledge to utilize these contributions which would translate into improved performance among our students.

These two establishments have set a good precedence which should be emulated by others, as we all partner in developing the youths and by extension, the nation,” the school said.