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Friends of Georgetown Hospital group raffles Digicel smart phone

Friends of Georgetown Hospital group raffles Digicel smart phone


The group, Friends of the Georgetown Hospital, is currently raffling a Digicel DL 700 smart-phone to raise funds for the Georgetown Hospital.{{more}}

President of the group Carol Jardine said that Digicel has donated the DL 700 “to aid in our fund-raising efforts, as we are involved in a continuous effort to raise funds for the hospital.”

Collecting the DL 700 raffle prize last Friday from marketing administrator Danielle Cupid, Jardine said that the raffle, which sells for $5, will be drawn on Friday, April 25th at the Georgetown Hospital’s conference room.

She added that the group is extremely thankful to Digicel for donating the smart phone, as the money raised from the raffle will go a long way in assisting the hospital. “We are very happy for it and the money will go a long way…this is a continuous process.”

In the past, the group, which is 16 members strong and committed to helping the hospital, has provided fans, beds, nebulizers, transformers and food supplies, while just last week, they donated a weed trimmer.

Raffle tickets can be bought from any member of the group.

The group’s vice president Simon Glynn was also on hand to thank Digicel for the donation.