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LIME unveils 2013-2014 directory

LIME unveils  2013-2014 directory


One of this country’s favourite local delicacies has made its way on to the front page of this country’s telephone directory.{{more}}

At a press launch on Wednesday, telecommunications service provider LIME unveiled the 2013-2014 directory, which showcases the ever popular and tasty tri tri.

In the photo, taken by photographer Kingsley Roberts, two women are seen at the riverside gathering the tiny fish.

Head of LIME Corporate Sales Garcia Cato, on unveiling the 238 page book, indicated that the photo was taken at the Mount Young River on the country’s windward coast.

Cato pointed out that the photo was selected on the basis of votes, during a competition conducted by the Caribbean Yellow Pages on Facebook.

Like tri-tri dishes, which can be prepared using various methods, the LIME telephone directory is an item that is highly anticipated by locals and persons in the diaspora.

Previous directory covers have featured photos of national significance, including a 3D rendering of the terminal building at the Argyle international airport, a leatherback sea turtle, the national bird (Amazona Guildinguii), local cricketers who had made the West Indies cricket team, and local historian the late Dr Earle Kirby.

The directory is divided into the white pages, which catalogue local and commercial listings, the blue pages, registering government listings and the yellow pages, which record business details.(JJ)