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Budweiser is the new beer on the market

Budweiser is the new beer on the market


For decades, beer drinkers and non drinkers alike in St Vincent and the Grenadines have enjoyed watching the entertaining and engaging television commercials of Budweiser beer.{{more}}

Many also heard of its unique and premium taste but were unable to obtain it on the local market. Now, the “King of beers” as it has been internationally branded, is available for purchase through the St Vincent Brewery Ltd.

A media launch was held on Thursday, October 17 at Jack’s Bar, Buccament Bay Resort where specially invited guests were treated to a short presentation on the history of the Budweiser, as well as the opportunity to sample the famous beer.

“Most of your would recognize that this price is above the average beer, but if you were to read the label each time you pick up a Budweiser, the answer will be right there,” said Regional Commercial Manager of the St Vincent Brewery Ltd, Shafia London.

“This is the famous Budweiser beer. We know not of any brand produced by any other brewer which costs so much to brew and age. Exclusive agent producers of taste of smoothness that you will find in no other beer at any other price.

“So we have recognized that Budweiser is the premium beer and therefore whenever you purchase a Budweiser, you are purchasing value and the premium quality of the brand,” she further stated.

London further explained that the Budweiser was not introduced as competition for the locally produced brand, Hairoun.

“At the St Vincent Brewery Limited, we always like to please our consumers in any way possible and our consumers are different. They have different taste requirements and enjoy different brands and we knew the time had come for us to search for a premium brand.

“So we were searching for a brand that is internationally known. Had premium quality, a strong brand but most of all, a brand that we felt that Vincentians can relate to.”

Marketing Coordinator for the St Vincent Brewery, Lamont Medica told SEARCHLIGHT that sales have been “relatively okay” since the introduction of the beer to the local market.

“You know as it is with any new product. We’ve not began selling on a large scale as yet. So far, we have targeted certain retail outlets and shops and so far they (Budweiser) are selling.

“The response has also been very good from individuals who have already tasted the king of beers,” Medica said.

The pale lager, produced by Anheuser-Busch InBev, was introduced to the local market on October 9 at a retail price of EC$6 per bottle (7 flo. oz) and $96 per case. It is also available in six pack jackets.

As part of Budweiser’s first major promotion, seven persons have been awarded an all expense paid trip and VIP experience for the Rihanna Diamond concert to be held on November 1 in Barbados. The “lucky” recipients are; Keith Boyea, Zebeth Thomas, Andona Thomas, Junior Jarvis, Julian Lano Isaacs, Codrian Simmons and Hans Edwards. (AA)