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SVG Medical Association hosts two-day career fair

SVG Medical Association hosts two-day career fair


Students in St Vincent and the Grenadines had the opportunity to learn about prospective careers, at a two-day career fair, which began on Wednesday at the Methodist Church Hall.{{more}}

In collaboration with the Ministry of Education, the SVG Medical Association hosted the 2013 College and Career Fair, which was held under the theme “Exploring Possibilities: Creating New Pathways for the 21st Century”.

Chief executive officer of MAVCOM Paul Morris delivered the feature address at the opening ceremony on Wednesday.

Morris shared with the audience some creative key points to follow when seeking a career.

These points included examining ideas that are less considered, having dreams that others think of as ridiculous and writing down goals and ideas.

“Rather than trying my hand at the crystal ball of career guidance, my aim this morning is, in some small way, to inspire younger persons and to remind some of us who are not so young, of some of the basic skills, traits and ingredients which are required to create pathways in a century which seems to have almost infinite possibilities,” Morris said.

Although he does not endorse the actions of Adolph Hitler, Morris used the German ruler who was once homeless, to highlight that “the way you begin your life does not determine what you do with it.”

“I chose him to emphasize the point that there are certain natural and spiritual laws which will work, irrespective of the person utilizing them, and whether these laws are utilized for good or evil,” he said.

The featured speaker also told participants that to be extremely successful, they should look at problems in society that need fixing.

“If you really want to make money, find a really big problem that needs fixing because the bigger the problem, the more people will pay you to fix it,” he said.

Lou-Anne Gilchrist, the chief education officer, noted that in the 21st century, possessing only academic qualifications does not guarantee a job.

“The students of St Vincent and the Grenadines are competing in a regional and global environment, which is becoming increasingly dependent on innovation, the development and refining of highly specialized skills in technology and on imagination and creativity,” Gilchrist said.

“Having a good job is just one aspect. You must be able to deal with the psychological burdens…you have to prepare yourselves academically, mentally, psychologically, socially for the job which you want to do”.

The chief education officer used the opportunity to encourage students to pursue careers in education, as teachers are the ones that must educate those seeking other professions.

“When your head hurts you, thank a teacher because there is a doctor out there who has been taught by a teacher,” she said. “Teachers, you promote teaching as a career”.

President of the SVG Medical Association Rosalind Ambrose gave an overview of the fair.

In her brief remarks, Ambrose urged students to take the opportunity to ask questions and engage the facilitators at the fair.

“It is often said that some people dream of great accomplishments while others stay awake and make them happen. This is your time to plan and make them happen,” Ambrose said.

All secondary schools in St Vincent and the Grenadines were invited to visit the two-day event.(BK)