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Sandy no longer a ‘wanted’ man – CoP Ag

Sandy no longer a ‘wanted’ man – CoP Ag


Former national goalkeeper, Dwaine Sandy is no longer wanted by the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force.{{more}}

This was confirmed in a letter from the Acting Commissioner of Police Michael Charles, dated October 7, 2013, addressed to the Sandy’s lawyer Grant Connell.

The letter reads, “Dear Sir, I acknowledge receipt of your letter on caption dated October 3, 2013. I wish to inform you that Mr Dwaine Sandy is no longer wanted by the Police. All concerned were informed, accordingly.”

Local police released a wanted poster of Sandy on June 13, 2013 following a robbery and shooting incident in Kingstown earlier that day.

In an interview with SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday at his lawyer’s office, Sandy, in a lighthearted manner, said “I am feeling great. Once I was a wanted man and now I am free!”

Now that the weight has been lifted from his shoulders, Sandy says he will again attempt to enter Trinidad and Tobago in hopes of securing a football contract.

On September 2, Sandy was denied entry into the twin island republic. He claims that the was turned away by immigration officials at Piarco International Airport, after being told that he was still on the watch list for St Vincent and the Grenadines.

“I just trying to go back to Trinidad to continue my career. Hopefully, things will work out in my favour,” he said, stating that he has already told his potential employers in Trinidad that he’s no longer a wanted man and will hopefully fly there next week.

The Brighton resident admitted that he has been frustrated for quite some time, indicating that it has been difficult to secure work to provide for his small son.

He expressed gratitude to his lawyer for being there for him without cost.

Connell commended acting Commissioner of Police Charles for taking his role seriously.

“He has the testicular fortitude to do the right thing. Hopefully now, Sandy can move on with his life,” Connell said.

Connell, however, said any legal action taken against the State would depend on Sandy, whom he said, has not given him any instructions.

He noted that if at any time Sandy changes his mind, he has a slate of lawyers in St Vincent from which he can choose, stating that it doesn’t necessarily have to be him (Connell).

“I played my role. I was retained to get a man from Grenada who claimed to be innocent; fortunately, he did not come home in a box and he is alive to the point where the police have actually said he is no longer wanted. I commend the Acting Commissioner,” he said.

“I usually knock the system when it fails, so I must commend the system when they come up to the level as they are supposed to. Charles is doing a wonderful job, as far as I am concerned,” Connell added.

On June 13, in Kingstown, police officer Julanie Jack was shot and an office attendant of the Postal Corporation robbed of approximately $100,000, close to midday.

Four days later, Sandy, escorted by Connell, turned himself into local authorities after arriving in SVG on a LIAT flight from Grenada. He was kept in custody for two days, then released without charges being brought against him. One day later, he was taken up by police for what they said was “safe keeping”. He was again released without being charged.

No one has been charged in relation to the shooting and robbery.(KW)