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Mustique Charitable Trust donates ten computers to SVGDTVE

Mustique Charitable Trust donates ten  computers to SVGDTVE


The Mustique Charitable Trust continues to make good on its promise to provide support to the Division of Technical and Vocational Education of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Community College.{{more}}

On Tuesday, the school’s Engineering Computer Lab received 10 additional computers valued at $36,000. The Mustique Charitable Trust also handed over a cheque for EC$15,900 to the Divsion, which will be used to take care of lunch and transportation costs for 15 disadvantaged students at the school and will be provided to them over the next two semesters.

Osborne Bowens, Dean of the Division, said that he considers this part of the donation to be a significant part of the support system that the Trust is offering the school.

And according to Bowens, the Charitable Trust has become one of the single largest contributors to the school, outside of the government.

“The donations have allowed for the work of the division to be enhanced,” the Dean said.

So for example, the new IT lab has given way to a wide range of programmes Bowens said.

A range of IT courses is also now being offered with the addition of the new pc units he added.

Before the intervention of the trust however, Bowens said that the institution was being deprived donations.

Acting Director of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Community College Laura Browne said that at one point in the school’s history, it was nowhere close to being advanced in ICT capabilities.

“We couldn’t do some things using electronics and we are grateful that the students are being exposed to the technology to further their education,” Browne said.

She spoke of the importance of partnerships in education saying that the school would not have developed the way it had without the assistance of the Mustique Charitable Trust.

Roger Pritchard, Manager of the Mustique Company and Chairman of the Charitable Trust said that the objective is to assist deprived children.

“Our aim is to help young ones develop properly,” he said.

He said that the members of the Trust decided that the school is an ideal project for them.

To date, the Mustique Charitable Trust has contributed to the expansion of the institution, providing funding for the setting up of two computer labs, a sick bay and counselling room and one of two green houses.(DD)