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Government moving to clean up oil spill in Port Kingstown


The Government of SVG is moving to manage the effect of the oil spill in Port Kingstown/Edinboro area which took place on September 6, 2013.{{more}}

The ship – Atlantic Lindsey, sank in Port Kingstown, resulting in an oil spill in the Edinboro area, which also caused the release of noxious fumes that adversely affected the residents.

A release from the API said Government had activated its oil spill response plan and established a special team led by the Port Authority including other Government agencies. The Port Authority enlisted the services of a dive and salvage expert who set up a monitoring system in conjunction with the local Coast Guard and devised a strategic plan for the removal of any oil or fuel that may have remained in the wreck.

Chairman of the Port Authority, Edwin Snagg, is also assuring the public that within the next several days any offending substance will be removed from the area.

A group of experts from the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is scheduled to arrive in St Vincent and the Grenadines, today, October 11, to work with the local team as advisors. They will also be available to offer further assistance if necessary.

Meanwhile, the Venezuelan experts, while here, will advise the Government on other areas of concern with respect to the removal of wrecks around St. Vincent and the Grenadines particularly in the Canash area and in Bequia.