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TIRL to celebrate fifth anniversary


On October 12, 2013, the Thusian Institute for Religious Liberty Inc will celebrate five years since its official launch as a non-profit Human Rights Education institute.{{more}}

“We therefore take this opportunity to thank you the general public for your support throughout the past five years and solicit your continued support as we advance our mission ‘to provide a range of human rights services geared to advance respect for, and to increase constitutional protections for individual rights and freedoms, liberty of conscience in particular across the regions of the globe; to undertake initiatives to accentuate the problem-solving potential of the field of human rights to affirm its validity as the ideal approach to social issues, human enterprises and solutions; to advance the case for the international adoption of Republicanism, given that it is the platform for the free society-pursuant to the maximum flourishing of personal freedoms with its limitless effects of advancement, individually and nationally; all towards the sole goal of creating social environments conducive to greater levels of human civility and development; the free and full conscientious exercise of religion and the unhindered freedom of expression and of the press.’ – TIRL’s Official Mission Statement,” a release from TIRL said.

“TIRL continues to undertake different initiatives to give Human Rights Education. Our latest is the completion of an interesting three-volume Human Rights book called YES, YOU HAVE RIGHTS which serves as an effective tool in curbing crime especially among the youth. Book 1 is prepared for the 5-9 age group; Book 2- 10 to 12 and Book 3 is the youth edition.

“TIRL believes that ongoing Human Rights Education is a major cure to societal problems of crime and violence. We understand that respect for inalienable, God-given Rights and Freedoms is the recipe for improved interpersonal relations which is needed in our society – in the home, at school and in the work place.

“We thank you once again and commit ourselves to serving you for the coming year. We also invite you to attend a special church service on October 12, 2013 in Mesopotamia upstairs the Marriaqua Cooperative Credit Union from 9:30 a.m.”