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LDS Charities donates 10 new sewing machines

LDS Charities donates 10 new sewing machines


Ten new sewing machines were presented to Community Building Blocks and the Ministry of Education, by LDS Charities, an affiliate of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.{{more}} These machines will be used in classes to teach sewing skills that may be used as a means of employment. The Ministry of Education is organizing these classes.

LDS Charities partnered with the local organization, Community Building Blocks, to obtain these machines. The Church of Jesus Christ and Community Building Blocks are dedicated to teaching the principles of self-reliance and helping others help themselves. It is their hope that many people will learn new skills and be able to improve their lives by finding stable employment and good paying jobs.

Verrol Young, president of the Calliaqua Branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, handed over the sewing machines to Ossie Small, chairman of Community Building Blocks. President Young stated: “We follow Jesus Christ; we support strong families; and we believe we should save our neighbour, regardless of race or religion. We believe and teach personal responsibility, community support, self-reliance and sustainability. We want to thank all those who made this donation possible and for their help in bringing these machines to St Vincent. The Church looks forward to participating in more humanitarian projects to help our brothers and sisters in this country.”

The Church of Jesus Christ is sponsoring an “International Day of Service” on November 2. This is in conjunction with the Church’s proclamation, designating November 2 as an “International Day of Service” for the entire Caribbean. The Church is looking forward to “partnering with other churches and organizations to serve our fellowman.” Look for yellow “Helping Hands” vests on November 2nd!

Ossie Small, of Community Building Blocks (CBB) thanked all of those who helped with this project and then presented the machines to Frances Clarke-Palmer, John George and Leroy Rock of the Adult and Continuing Education Department of the Ministry of Education. Small stated that Community Building Blocks is dedicated to helping the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines improve their lives day by day.

Clarke-Palmer thanked those who made the donation possible and encouraged members of the public to take advantage of the business development training of the Adult and Continuing Education Department so that they will have a sustainable livelihood.