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Airport apron will seat 40 planes, depending on sizes

Airport apron will seat 40 planes, depending on sizes


When completed next year, the apron for the Argyle international airport will be able to accommodate up to 40 planes, depending on their sizes.{{more}}

Chief executive officer (CEO) of the International Airport Development Company (IADC) Dr Rudy Mathias made the disclosure on Tuesday.

Mathias said that the apron will be able to accommodate, simultaneously, three Boeing 747 jets, six of the LIAT ATR’s, and two of the 727 Ameri-jet type aircraft in the cargo apron and another 20 or more small jets in the general aviation aprons.

“It is a massive apron that we are creating.

“We are building an airport that appeals to the future, so that when we are finished at Argyle, we won’t have to do any substantial changes, maybe within the next twenty years,” he said.

Construction work on the apron commences in late November, with an estimated completion date of May or June next year, Mathias explained.

“If needs be, we will be working in shift.

“We are buying some lights, so that if we have to work at nights, then we are going to work at nights, to have it completed on time.” (AA)