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Hold me accountable – Dr Jules Ferdinand

Hold me accountable – Dr Jules Ferdinand


Dr Julian Ferdinand, the opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) candidate for West St George in the next general elections, said that he wants the people to hold him accountable.{{more}}

Speaking at a public meeting at Fairbaine Pasture last Saturday, Ferdinand said that he wants to open himself to the people.

“I open myself to you and I tell you what I think and how I feel, so that if at anytime I stray from this, you can come to me and say Jules, that is not who you said you were,” Ferdinand said.

He further explained that his mission statement is to contribute good to others, for good and to have his life contribute to the good of others.

“So, what I say must build people up; what I write must encourage people; the programmes I put in place must be for good and not for evil; and so I am pleased, I am honoured to have somebody like Arnhim Eustace as my leader that I can look up to — that I will know if I have my last $100, I would give it to him and know that he will invest it wisely,” Ferdinand said.

“That I will know that this Arnhim Eustace will tell me the truth; that if he has to build an international airport and was going to down the road, make our people put their hands in their pockets and take out millions, he will tell me so upfront.”

Ferdinand continued, saying that he was pleased to sit at the feet and to be a follower of Eustace.

A former manager at the Eastern Caribbean Group of Companies, Ferdinand was elected in October 2012 to run as the candidate for West St George in the next general elections.

He replaced former NDP Senator, Anesia Baptiste, who was fired from the party because of a letter she wrote to party president Eustace. (DD)