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Entities benefit from CRD

Entities benefit from CRD


Last week, two entities benefitted from the generosity of CRD Holdings Limited.{{more}}

The two, the Curator’s House at the Botanic Gardens and the St Martin’s Secondary School, both received donations that will benefit their functions.

The Curator’s House has been outfitted with designer furniture valued at approximately EC$10,000, while the St Martin’s Secondary School was gifted with a quantity of tiles and other supplies to aid in the refurbishing of the school’s library.

Both donations were handed over on Tuesday, September 24, by public relations coordinator at CRD Camille Crichton.

Commenting on the donation to the Curator’s House, curator Gordon Shallow thanked CRD and stated that the furniture will aid in operations at the Gardens in terms of the development and functioning of the Curator’s House. He added that the proper functioning of the Curator’s house would help in the overall operations and tourism project. The donation is made up of tables, chairs, vases, desks and storage shelves, among other types of furniture.

“Visitors to the Botanic Garden can now learn about the historical significance of the Gardens and be exposed to a range of items depicting various aspects of the Botanic Gardens in more comfortable surroundings”, said Crichton.

Meanwhile, Principal of the St Martin’s Secondary School Wendell Edwards says that he is thankful to CRD Holdings Limited for the company’s contribution towards the school’s library refurbishing project.

“I would like to say thank you for such a generous donation. A library is a very important component of the school system and without a library there are a lot of shortcomings in terms of what the students can do, not only in English, but other subject areas”, said Edwards, who described the donation as “generous”.

Vicar General of the Catholic Church Monsignor Michael Stewart and deputy principal Godson Cain were also present at the handing over.

“I know the Christian brothers who built this institution were keen on children being avid readers and this is going to help continue that”, said Monsignor Stewart, who added that the church is always happy when others can partner with them to help young people.

Crichton said that once again CRD Holdings Limited has expressed their belief in youth development and our tourism product.

“It is very important that in today’s society all schools have a modernized and accessible library to aid students in their studies. Bright futures begin in the classroom, so we are making sure that the students and school have the enhanced library support they need to succeed”, said Crichton.