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Emelda Charity Inc crafting linkage between elderly and youths

Emelda Charity Inc crafting linkage between elderly and youths


Individuals with a common goal have joined forces to foster the social, recreational and economic well-being of less fortunate, elderly citizens in St Vincent and the Grenadines.{{more}}

Emelda Charity Inc is a non-profit organization, which was formally established on May 2, 2013 and is committed to its “Dare to Care” mission of crafting linkages between the elderly and youths of today, in an effort to facilitate the transference and retention of culture and values.

Stacy Balcombe-Peters, public relations officer (PRO) told SEARCHLIGHT that the group is geared towards creating a meeting point between generations to ensure the survival of value systems.

“I always found myself paying gratitude and homage to the past, whether it be from life experiences or people that played a significant impact in my life,” she said.

“As such, I believe Emelda Charity Inc is setting the stage to encourage young individuals to appreciate what our elders have done or contributed to enrich our present lives. We must not forget them, we must continue to assist them; and show appreciation”.

The organization hopes to foster mutual trust, respect and understanding by strategically placing its volunteers and service providers in direct contact with elders.

Emelda Charity Inc will host its first official event on October 5, in the form of a charity walk dubbed “I WALK FOR…”

Additionally, persons can look forward to a grand event in November, which will be held at the Diamond Community Centre.

Moricia Richards, founder of Emelda Charity Inc, started it in memory of her grandmother, Emelda Nedd, who was born in Diamond Village in 1907.

Nedd, who died in 2011, embodied most of the values that the organization is seeking to immortalize, which include love, compassion and kindness. In her memory, Emelda Charity Inc pledges to help lonely and infirm elderly persons in the community, as well as vulnerable children, to be recipients of many blessings, compassion and dignity.

Persons who wish to become a part of the initiative can communicate their interest by emailing

“Life has a way of throwing curve balls and it is not surprising how many of these persons have been forgotten or neglected. We must appreciate the past to enrich our future and by all means helping elders in varying communities is a step in the right direction,” the PRO said.(BK)